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Toddler Paint --

An easy to use, kid friendly paintbrush / sketch app with toddler lock. Parents can feel comfortable that their toddler will not make calls, open other apps, or delete things. Includes save and open features so drawings can be saved and edited.


Child Lock --

Tired of your kid messing with your phone settings, deleting things and opening apps you would rather not have them open? This is the app for you.

Create your own app launcher screen for your kid with only the apps you want them to play. The home and back keys are disabled and a user settable pin code is needed to exit the app.

Hand your phone to your child with the peace of mind that all the settings will be as you left them, no prank calls have been placed, and nothing will be deleted.


Toddler Games w/child lock--

An entertaining app that helps children learn animal sounds, visually stimulates and familiarizes them with shapes and colors. The unique locking feature keeps children from making calls, opening other apps, or deleting things.

Happy And You Know It --

Comming soon..